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Manufacturing Day 2019 | Celebrating Work That Matters

Manufacturing is at the heart of our company. For more than 90 years, Caterpillar has been providing innovative customer solutions - from the track-type tractor that gave us our Caterpillar name, to the diesel engine, the elevated sprocket, the hybrid excavator and more. Without our worldwide manufacturing employees, none of this would be possible. They touch everything we make that digs, powers, builds, crushes, cuts and operates. Quite simply, it's every product we sell, every service we provide and everything in between.

Throughout the month of October, Caterpillar facilities across the globe are celebrating Manufacturing Day. It’s a chance for us to recognize the people doing work that matters—the builders, the makers, the designers and more. It takes a diverse and talented workforce to do what we do, and we celebrate the women and men who make it all possible. 

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What Caterpillar Manufacturing Really Looks Like

Caterpillar manufacturing is so much more than a facility where things are made.  It’s a safe place where continuous improvement thrives and caring for the environment is a top priority.

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We are featuring profiles from employees all over the world and showcasing how they support manufacturing at Caterpillar.

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Supporting History’s Great Ideas

Over many decades, Caterpillar's yellow iron has been at the center stage – contributing to some of history’s greatest ideas while helping our customers build a better world.

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