Numbers matter. So do relationships.

At Caterpillar, a career in accounting isn’t about numbers. It’s about helping us make smart, ethical financial decisions. You may not physically build Cat® products, but the guidance you provide helps make what we make possible. That’s why we seek accountants who operate with the highest levels of integrity—individuals with the skills and confidence to act as trusted advisors. Your financial expertise matters, of course, but you’ll succeed here if you’re also:

  • A strong communicator, leader and decision-maker
  • Energetic and tenacious
  • Ready to learn
  • Committed to building strong relationships with the people you serve

It’s your career. Where will it take you?

Budgets. Inventory. Taxes. Auditing. Wherever your passion for numbers lies, chances are there’s a place for you here. Our philosophy isn’t to hire accountants. It’s to hire people who want to build careers in finance—and that means encouraging you to move through various roles to find the area that best fits your interests and our needs. That might be financial, managerial, cost or tax accounting. Or you might find your fit in internal controls or auditing. Leadership opportunities exist in all these areas, too.

We support mobility and continual learning. If you want to pursue CPA or CMA certification, we’ll give you time to study and help pay for the costs of preparatory courses and testing. We value innovation, too. If you have an idea about how to improve your job or a specific accounting policy or practice, we want to hear it—and if it’s a good one, we’ll drive it forward. At Caterpillar, you have a voice and a chance to do work that really matters.