Meet Avinash, Enterprise Incident Management

When technology incidents arise, Caterpillar turns to people like Avinash, a member of the Enterprise Incident Management group based in India.

“I handle high priority issues and thus help restore normal operations as quickly as possible with minimal impact on business and the end users,” noted Avinash.  

Avinash records incidents and classifies them depending on priority and impact, assigns the incident to the appropriate responding personnel and manages the incident through resolution and reporting once it’s been resolved.

He feels delighted to interact with a global workforce that gives him a flavor of diverse culture and the encouragement he receives to be innovative for implementing new ideas.

“With the increasing technology that we see with challenges on security, I’m thrilled to embrace and explore new ideas to be at its best,” said Avinash.

When asked about why he chose his career with Caterpillar, he said there's no limit to your success.

“I was specifically drawn to the fact that every employee is a steward of the firm, and we're all empowered to contribute ideas that improve our business and our work life,” added Avinash.

Avinash is extremely proud to have been associated with Caterpillar for almost three years now.

“People around the world recognize Caterpillar and its products and understand the positive impact we have on economic development,” said Avinash.

Outside of work, Avinash reads fiction magazines, plays Tabla for a rejuvenating experience and watches English Premier League.