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Technicians for the World, a Caterpillar sponsored program, is an absolutely free online program for individuals seeking a new and exciting career as a service technician. If you are a student in a vocational school pursuing a technical diploma this is a great way to expand your knowledge and add to your resume.

Upon completion, you can use your newly acquired knowledge and your certificate of completion in the market place to improve your opportunities of landing a technician's job in the auto, trucking or heavy equipment field.

Best of all the program is as easy as 1-2-3!

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Course Offerings

Caterpillar has created this curriculum using courses from our very own Global Service Technician training program. The curriculum consists of 22 courses covering topics such as the basics of diesel engines, electricity, hydraulics, power train and much more.

  1. The Caterpillar Story: A History of Innovation
  2. The Cat Dealer Organization
  3. Cat Machines Product Line
  4. Engine Product Line
  5. Contamination Control
  6. Power Tools
  7. Hand Tools
  8. Fasteners, Sealants, and Adhesives
  9. Jacking, Blocking, and Lifting
  10. Gaskets and Seals
  11. Bearings
  12. Wires and Connectors
  13. Hoses, Tubing, and Couplings
  14. Service Workplace Safety
  15. Introduction to Engines
  16. Basic Engine Components
  17. Hydraulic Principles
  18. Intro to Machine Hydraulic Systems
  19. Basic Electricity
  20. Electrical Circuits
  21. Power Train Overview
  22. Introduction to Electrification Technology